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About Us

Ekipman Dunyası Dergisi was started its publication life in our Agency body in 2010. It published 36 issue with the sector oriented understanding of publishing intended to Commercial Vehicle, On Vehicle Material, Trailer, and Construction Equipment Sector. In publishing life it never interested in any kind of news apart from sector, especially approaches importantly to the local sector producers any kind of develops and investments, advertising activities, and in a very short time ıt became irreplaceable of the sector.

With all these insightfully, when ıt aimed to contributing to the sector, although it is imitated from people whom cooperated with, and rivals, ıt continues to enrich its value. All those happenings land with different to the Ekipman Dunyası Dergisi. Its aim is gain favor to the sector that into it, with develop a project that its purpose is not only get advertising and gain money, ménage to how to hurdle all kinds of obstacles and it brings to the final point. With this project with renew website it is waiting impatiently to meet you, recious sector representatives with new website and new project.

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